Haaland, Davids the first Native women to join Native American Caucus

Voting Matters!
We have a much more powerful voice for Indian Country
than we had prior to this last election, including two Native sisters.
Kevin Cummings

With full credit and appreciation to Indian Country Today:

Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-NM)
and Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) will serve
as Co-Chairs of the Native American Caucus

News Release – U.S. House of Representatives

This week, the bipartisan Congressional Native American Caucus established its leadership for the 116th Congress. Congressman Tom Cole (R-OK) and Congresswoman Deb Haaland (D-NM) will serve as Co-Chairs of the caucus. Following six years of distinguished service as Co-Chair, Congresswoman Betty McCollum (D-MN) will remain on the caucus as Co-Chair Emeritus.

The caucus seeks to educate members of Congress and encourage an open dialogue about issues affecting Native Americans. As part of this mission, the caucus regularly convenes briefings, considers the impact of legislation on tribal nations and provides a forum for members of Congress to exchange information, ideas and research. Continue reading

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New Mexico State Fed (AFLCIO) Stands Up for Native Voice in Labor

By a unanimous vote of delegates to the NM State Council passed a resolution in support of Council FIRE. This makes seventeen states that have now voted to support us as we bring issues of Indian Country to the house of Labor. We have also been endorsed by the Ontario Provincial Labor Council, Labor Coalition for Latin American Advancement, Coalition of Black Trade Unionists and the International Labor Communicators Association.

The mission of Labor, and Native teaching, have a close walk in many areas. The seven generations view in Tribal culture is a parallel to Labor’s fight to protect elders through safe workplaces, pensions and healthcare – as well as developing a good path for youth through apprenticeships and decent wages.

In many areas, Labor and Tribes work together closely. The history of Project Labor Agreements and Memorandums of Understanding between them have allowed good training, benefits and wages for tribal members, and good jobs for members of the Unions. Council FIRE is uniquely poised to bridge a closer walk for the two, and build a better future for all.

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Native Americans are Being Killed by Police at a Higher Rate than Any Other Group in the Country


The Police Killings that Nobody is Talking About
A special investigation by Stephanie Woodard
From “In These Times”

Suquamish tribe descendant Jeanetta Riley, a 34-year-old mother of four, lay facedown on a Sandpoint, Idaho, street. One minute earlier, three police officers had arrived, summoned by staff at a nearby hospital. Her husband had sought help there because Riley—homeless, pregnant and with a history of mental illness—was threatening suicide. Riley had a knife in her right hand and was sitting in the couple’s parked van.

Wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle and Glock pistols, the officers quickly closed in on Riley—one moving down the sidewalk toward the van, the other two crossing the roadway. They shouted instructions at her—to walk toward them, show them her hands. Cursing them, she refused.

“Drop the knife!” they yelled, advancing, then opened fire.

They pumped two shots into her chest and another into her back as she fell to the pavement. Fifteen seconds had elapsed from the time they exited their vehicles.

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Council FIRE Now Recognized by Sixteen States

We are extremely proud and humbled to report that sixteen state labor councils (AFLCIO) have now passed resolutions in support of Council FIRE (Council for First Inhabitants Rights and Equality).

This week, we will be a topic of discussion at the AFLCIO convention in St Louis. We are on the path to becoming a full constituency group, joining activist organizations within Labor that address the issues of Women (CLUW), Blacks (CBTU and APRI), Latino’s (LCLAA), Asian and Pacific Islanders (APALA), LGBTQ (Pride@Work) and Veterans (Union Veterans Council). Continue reading

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Washington State Labor Council Convention Passes Resolution in Support of Native American Workers and Council FIRE

The Washington State Labor Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of Council FIRE and Native American Workers. This is a strong step toward a voice for Native issues within the labor movement, and for Council FIRE to achieve full recognition by the AFL-CIO.

Washington becomes the seventh state organization to pass a resolution in support of Council FIRE, joining Arizona, OregonCalifornia, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming. We have also been endorsed by the Ontario Federation of Labour, LCLAA, CBTU, and ILCA.

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