Native Americans are Being Killed by Police at a Higher Rate than Any Other Group in the Country


The Police Killings that Nobody is Talking About
A special investigation by Stephanie Woodard
From “In These Times”

Suquamish tribe descendant Jeanetta Riley, a 34-year-old mother of four, lay facedown on a Sandpoint, Idaho, street. One minute earlier, three police officers had arrived, summoned by staff at a nearby hospital. Her husband had sought help there because Riley—homeless, pregnant and with a history of mental illness—was threatening suicide. Riley had a knife in her right hand and was sitting in the couple’s parked van.

Wearing body armor and armed with an assault rifle and Glock pistols, the officers quickly closed in on Riley—one moving down the sidewalk toward the van, the other two crossing the roadway. They shouted instructions at her—to walk toward them, show them her hands. Cursing them, she refused.

“Drop the knife!” they yelled, advancing, then opened fire.

They pumped two shots into her chest and another into her back as she fell to the pavement. Fifteen seconds had elapsed from the time they exited their vehicles.

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Council FIRE Now Recognized by Sixteen States

We are extremely proud and humbled to report that sixteen state labor councils (AFLCIO) have now passed resolutions in support of Council FIRE (Council for First Inhabitants Rights and Equality).

This week, we will be a topic of discussion at the AFLCIO convention in St Louis. We are on the path to becoming a full constituency group, joining activist organizations within Labor that address the issues of Women (CLUW), Blacks (CBTU and APRI), Latino’s (LCLAA), Asian and Pacific Islanders (APALA), LGBTQ (Pride@Work) and Veterans (Union Veterans Council). Continue reading

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Washington State Labor Council Convention Passes Resolution in Support of Native American Workers and Council FIRE

The Washington State Labor Council unanimously passed a resolution in support of Council FIRE and Native American Workers. This is a strong step toward a voice for Native issues within the labor movement, and for Council FIRE to achieve full recognition by the AFL-CIO.

Washington becomes the seventh state organization to pass a resolution in support of Council FIRE, joining Arizona, OregonCalifornia, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming. We have also been endorsed by the Ontario Federation of Labour, LCLAA, CBTU, and ILCA.

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Tribal Nations Continuing to Support Action on Climate Change and Paris Accord

Article from the National Council of the American Indian (NCAI). To visit this article on their site, click here

Published on Jun 02, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. | In spite of the disappointing news that President Trump has decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change, Tribal Nations, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), and the Native American Rights Fund (NARF) remain firmly committed to representing and advancing Indigenous peoples’ interests in the ongoing process of implementing the Agreement.

“We will work to ensure that all parties respect, promote, and consider Indigenous peoples’ rights in all climate change actions, as is required by the Paris Agreement,” said NARF Executive Director John Echohawk.

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Council FIRE Support Letter to Standing Rock Sioux

To:         David Archambault II
Chair, Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council

Dear Sir and Brother,

The leadership of the Council for First Inhabitants Rights and Equality (Council FIRE) stand in unanimous support of the Standing Rock Sioux, their right to speak for themselves and to demand that treaties signed between the sovereign nations of the United States of America and the Sioux be honored and enforced. As Brothers and Sisters in the battle, we cannot sit idle. When one nation is in need, all nations must rise to defend what is most vital to future generations. People, native and non-native alike, are called to lift their prayers and fight to protect the water, the future will judge each of us on how we acted in this attack on sovereignty and Mother Earth.

Council FIRE calls for the cessation of construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline that encroaches on land and water that has long been granted to the Standing Rock Sioux through multiple treaties. We demand an end to the illegal trespassing, desecration of sacred sites, hostile attacks, violations of the 1851 and 1868 Fort Laramie treaties, the 1899 Fort Belknap treaty, as well as the 1908 Winters Doctrine of the United States Supreme Court. These treaties are no less valid that those the US Government has signed with Japan or Germany, or any other Supreme Court decision – it is long past time that this nation honor its’ word.

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