ILCA Passes Council-FIRE Proclamation Unanimously

The International Labor Communications Association (ILCA), unanimously passed a proclamation in support of Native Rights and Equality, and in support of Council-FIRE.  On September 24th, at the Westin in Seattle, Labor activists responsible for communications activities all across North America assembled at their biennial conference.

The group of activists and leaders energetically supported the resolution, as it was read by ILCA President Steve Stallone.

The group committed to educate their constituencies on the issues of native populations, and to urge their associates from other groups to do the same.

Kevin Cummings, of Council-FIRE delivered the proclamation and passed out information about the group.  After Stallone read the proclamation, Cummings answered questions and spoke to the grass-roots efforts to raise awareness.

Special appreciation must be extended to Steve Stallone, Fred Glass, and Kathy Cummings, for their support of bringing the proclamation to the floor of the convention.

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