Join Council FIRE Now!

Brothers and Sisters, it is a good day to make a difference in a good way.  Council FIRE is now open for accepting memberships.  We have posted our bylaws as adopted by our International Executive Committee, and you can download and print our membership application.

Review our Declaration of Principles (membership or bylaws pages) and if your heart leads you to join our mission, then come walk this path with us.  There are several levels of individual memberships, and three support levels for organizations to join.

These are exciting times, and the future holds a special place for those who stand up to bring fairness and equality for all.  Please add your voice and energy to our mission.

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3 Responses to Join Council FIRE Now!

  1. Tracee Forespring Swanson says:

    Im looking forward to be of some help. Thankyou

  2. Kevin says:

    This is exciting!

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