Coalition of Black Trade Unionists Endorse Council FIRE

From Council FIRE Founder and President, Kevin Cummings

I bid a good day to each of you, and hope this note finds you well.

It is with a very happy heart that I let you know that I received a call from CBTU today.  The call came during their national convention, and the delegates voted unanimously to endorse Council –FIRE and included a passage in the proclamation that urges the AFLCIO to do the same!  This is a huge sign that we are on the good road to helping the first people on these lands.  The national convention is being attended by nearly one-thousand delegates from seventy-seven international Labor unions across the US and Canada. 

From starting as only a simple hope for a better day, to the precipice of being a fully accepted constituency group – it has certainly been a blessed mission.  In early August I will be presenting to the AFLCIO Human Rights committee in Washington DC.  Upon their acceptance of our mission, it will be presented to the AFLCIO Executive Council and then to the National Convention next year.  It has been a long and sometimes frustrating walk on this road, but I guess I needed to be taught patience.

This is a very big deal, and along with the endorsement from LCLAA, we are well positioned for getting the national endorsement as the constituency group recognized to address Native issues.  An endorsement from the AFL-CIO will set Native issues into the discussions held by 13.5 million activists!  I am very proud to have Native voices join the call for economic and social justice for all people – no exceptions.  For too long the concerns of Native populations have been ignored, silence is no longer an option and we now have tangible and energetic support from powerful activist groups that have answered our call.

We now have several hundred thousand allies in our fight for Native justice and fairness.  We are gaining prominent standing when addressing large organizations like international unions and other activist organizations that can join our mission.  The future is bright.

This has been a decade long battle for acceptance and recognition, we are on the doorstep – now we have to step through.

Thank you all for your faith, your prayers, your guidance and your energy. 


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