Council FIRE Now Recognized by Sixteen States

We are extremely proud and humbled to report that sixteen state labor councils (AFLCIO) have now passed resolutions in support of Council FIRE (Council for First Inhabitants Rights and Equality).

This week, we will be a topic of discussion at the AFLCIO convention in St Louis. We are on the path to becoming a full constituency group, joining activist organizations within Labor that address the issues of Women (CLUW), Blacks (CBTU and APRI), Latino’s (LCLAA), Asian and Pacific Islanders (APALA), LGBTQ (Pride@Work) and Veterans (Union Veterans Council).The sixteen states that have stood up to supportĀ a voice of Indian Country at the Labor conference table are:

Washington, Arizona, California, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, and Joint Dakotas (Both South and North Dakota are in the same State Council).

In addition to this strong support for Council FIRE from these states, we have also been endorsed by the Ontario Provincial Labor Council, International Labor Communicators Association (ILCA), LCLAA and CBTU.

To all who demand liberty and justice for all – no exceptions; we lift our hands to you

About Kevin

Enrolled member of the Lumbee nation. Founder and President of Council FIRE. Proud retired International Representative for the Intl Assoc of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW).
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