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Cancer-Riddled Wind River Reservation Fights EPA Over Uranium Contamination

Kenny Slattery has lived on the Wind River Reservation for 51 years, and just across the street from the old Susquehanna-Western uranium mill tailings pile for that entire period of time. “They say there’s a cancer cluster in this area,” … Continue reading

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Sex Trafficking Rampant in Indian Country; Pimps on Prowl for Native Girls

NOTE FROM COUNCIL-FIRE:  Today. tell your daughters, sisters and other women that they are beautiful and worthy of respect – then prepare to stand up and defend them against predators who would steal their dignity! ===================================== Is sexual trafficking happening … Continue reading

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Reserving a new tradition

Attawapiskat and its deplorable living standard is not unique amongst our Indian communities. It is a consequence of a race-based, socialist policy found only on Indian reservations. What we see today, although not intended, ought to be expected. When people receive handouts … Continue reading

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