Community Activists

Proclamation of Solidarity in Support of Native American Dignity
and Rights

WHEREAS, the American Indian population has a long and proud
history of caring for their elders, women, children, tradition, environment and
all of God’s creatures; and

WHEREAS, the original inhabitants of these lands have long suffered
from European civilization policies, and continue to lag behind in many
benefits and advancements that are too slowly becoming available to other
non-Caucasian  populations of North America; and

WHEREAS, native American tribes have a centuries-old kinship with the indigenous peoples of all North, Central and South American countries, as they shared the same lands for many generations before they were subjected to the eastern practices of genocide and bounties, and

WHEREAS native Americans have the right to protect their traditions and histories, as well as to fully participate in the arena of jobs, health-care, education, and in building a bright future together with all people who share this land today; and

WHEREAS all peoples of this earth are deserving of respect and
support; and

WHEREAS there are a number of constituency groups providing a
bridge to diverse communities, strengthening partnerships to enhance the
standard of living for all workers and their families, and ensuring that
organized labor hears and responds to the concerns of the communities

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that (name of organization or individual) proclaims solidarity with the Indigenous Peoples who were the original occupants of the Americas;

and be it further RESOLVED that I/we support their rights to life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness; and

be it further RESOLVED that (name of the organization or individual) will use my/our collective talents, energies and contacts in support of Council FIRE
(First Inhabitants Rights And Equality) as it works toward addressing Native
American labor and human rights issues; and

be it finally RESOLVED that (name of organization or individual) will urge my/our community partners to similarly adopt this resolution, and support its’ mission.

ADOPTED this __________ day of ______________, 2011, by (name of organization or individual).




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