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Council Fire is dedicated to raising awareness of the beauty of the first peoples of these lands.  Along with that, we also commit to addressing the dire circumstances that our original people face today, and work to enact positive change.

We strive to include indigenous people into the advancements that have been denied them. We believe the path to prosperity travels many trails; however, a good job that encourages dignity and provides for a family is basic among the needs.

Council-FIRE does not pretend to have the authority to dictate views of what is good for native peoples, the problems are complex and varied.  We do not pretend to have easy answers for the extreme poverty, teen suicide, diabetes, or other ills that have taken their toll.  Our mission is to listen and learn, to pray, and to seek progress for all, through activism and education.

Council-FIRE began within the Labor movement, which has embraced constituency groups that address the issues of Women, Latino’s, Blacks, Asian-Pacific Islanders, and Gay/Lesbian/Trans-gender.  Those are honorable efforts, and should not be denied focus and energy.  However, nothing is in place to provide a voice to the issues of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives.

The people who were here first have been excluded for too long, and denied a rightful place beside all other inhabitants of these lands.

The time is right, and the time is NOW!

We ask for nothing – except a chance to share this land in peace
We seek no reward – except the satisfaction from trying to make a difference
We are all one – and we are all brothers and sisters


This poem was written by a dear friend, and it sums up the sentiments beautifully:

By James E. Price Jr.

We were here first,
When the plains were like a picture
and the mountains pristine,
When the air and the rivers ran perfectly clean

We were here first,
Mother earth be praised for the stars of the night
and the suns golden rays

We were here first,
and we did not waste,
our families came first,
and our lives were graced

We were here first,
but they took it you see,
my land, my home, my family

We were here first,
but now are forgotten,
not really visible in this world
and we dwell on the bottom

We are the original residents of these great states,
and we’re reclaiming control of our collective fates

Don’t tell us we don’t matter, for we know that we do,
because we were here first

Navajo, Cheyenne, Cherokee and Sioux!